Digie knows trusted brands in publishing, travel authors, local experts, and guides that supply travel expertise to Digie.

No. Digie processes the existing published content that the publisher decides to make it available on the Digie channel. If feasible, Digie has short interviews with the publisher experts to get a sense of specific author specialization.

No. Digie builds a virtual persona of the travel expert that communicates 24×7 the expertise to thousands of users concurrently.

Travel experts power Digie’s knowledge growth driven by traveler questions. Whenever a user asks a question that Digie can’t find in its expert knowledge base, it directs the question to the appropriate set of travel experts to increase its knowledge.

Absolutely. Digie automatically deciphers brand voice attributes from its analysis of the publisher’s existing content. The publisher’s marketing personnel then refines these attributes.

Digie has proactive conversations with travelers and applies AI algorithms to deduce user demographics, personality, likes and dislikes, needs and wants to recommend travel advice from the experts that represent the best match.

No. Digie specializes on travel advice, and makes product (vacation packages, tours, lodging, transportation, etc.) recommendations that get executed by Online Travel Agencies, or Travel Agents.

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