Before Digie

Poor ROI for publishers,Aggravation for travelers

For publishers, print sales of travel guides and magazines have been on the decline since 2,010. Digital paywalls around print content and eBooks have not been able to stem this tide. Curated expert generated content is having a hard time matching the ROI of online travel media supported by free user generated content. For travelers, the headache of travel planning has increased as readers can't separate the wheat from the chaff in the firehose of online travel content.

After Digie

Speak with travelers, givepersonal advice, and increase ROI

Digie ushers a new way for publishing
curated advice, and increasing its value.

Engage 1:1 withyour readers

Digie builds digital personas of travel experts under a brand to answer traveler questions 24x7. The conversation model turns publishing from a broadcast into 1:1 personalized engagement model based on personal demographics, preferences, style, like and dislikes of travelers while retaining the publisher's brand voice.

Breathe life intopublished content

We believe in the value of curated expert content in addition to verified user reviews and recommendations from friends and family. Digie enables the publishing of expert advice in a conversational format. Travelers can effortlessly combine a recommendation from a guidebook with a tip from a travel magazine and user feedback from an aggregator to design a travel plan.

Increase ROI ontravel advice

Digie measures the utility of travel advice from traveler's point of view beyond click analytics. Publishers can now answer: Which chunks of published travel advice got into travel plans? Resulted in a booking? Traveler experience happy with advice at destination? Such comprehensive measurement helps both with new content design, and increased sales with better matching of travel product offers for increased ROI.


Digie talks with traveler to find out the highs and lows of advice and recommendations, and provides feedback to the travel experts.

Meet Digie

Ready to start expert-to-travelerconversation evolution


Trusted travel brand advice, traveler reviews, and recommendations from friends and family


Advice caters to preferences, style, like and dislikes of individual traveler


Travelers talk to expert Digie's using natural language on a channel of their choice - Alexa, Android, Apple, Facebook, Google Home, Web...


Connects experts with travelers to grow brand advice content


Goes to work with your existing content


Integrates into affiliate marketing model while providing content ROI measures

Digie is aContent as a Conversation Servicefor the travel market.

Digie uses artificial intelligence to build digital personas of experts that capture curated travel inspiration and advice expertise along with brand voice, and digital personas of travelers that capture their personal preferences. This scalable two-way conversation model eliminates the advice overload to readers, while helping them to discover and design plans, connect with booking, receive help during travel, and share experiences after travel. Digie measures the value of travel advice to design new content, and increase ROI by targeting product offers that match personal preferences of travelers.

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